About Exotic Creations By Her

I am Phoua Her, founder and creator of Exotic Creations by Her.  I am currently residing in the land of 10,000 lakes.  Welcome to my sanctuary where beautiful creations are made.  A contemporary approach to modernize and preserve Hmong Jewelries. 

Exotic Creations By Her was a long awaited dream; one that had come to be realized after many years spent making jewelry as a hobby.  My love affair with handmade jewelry began when I bought my first piece, many years ago.  I love everything about handmade jewelries; the way they move, look, and feel, especially the care and dedication that each artist put into their pieces.  That love became transparent when I made my first piece many years ago.  The rest, as they say, is history.  

Now I am proud to say that my own jewelries follow along the same line of this long-admired trade. Each piece of my collection is inspired by the aesthetics of tradition and generations of bold, intricate and exotic designs which are carefully handcrafted into exquisite unique pieces.  It goes without saying that I strive to keep each of my pieces both modern and stylish.